News / KEE LITE fittings for cost effective handrailing

KEE LITE fittings for cost effective handrailing

KEE LITE fittings for cost effective handrailing

To help meet increasing building industry demand for more cost-competitive products, Kee Safety, the tubular structures specialist, offers KEE LITE - a range of versatile, economical and durable tube fittings which enables more efficient handrailing installation for interior and exterior applications.

Manufactured from a high grade Aluminium Silicon Magnesium alloy, KEE LITE fittings are much lighter than ordinary fittings, ensuring an especially easy to handle and quick to assemble solution which saves time and cost on site. Using these ultra-light fittings, architects, contractors and end-users can design and build, then change and extend tubular structures simply and cost-effectively. With their bright aluminium finish, unique contoured design and discreetly positioned set-screws, installations featuring these innovative KEE LITE fittings will also benefit from a more aesthetically attractive finish.

The KEE LITE range has gained TÜV approval for the main components after undergoing extensive testing.  Together with the high strength to weight ratio of the aluminium alloy, this ensures the fittings are much lighter than conventional products, and will remain strong and durable throughout the lifetime of an installation. Aluminium provides high corrosion resistance while the integral KEE KOAT II coated grub screws in each fitting, designed to lock the product safely and securely onto its respective tube, deliver an excellent slip load performance. This technology, already well proven in the market leading range of KEE KLAMP fittings, eliminates the need for time consuming welding or specialist installation skills, so helping to reduce structure assembly time and lower project costs even further.

The KEE LITE range is available to suit two different tube gauges, ensuring considerable versatility in a wide range of interior and exterior projects. These include guardrailing, staircase and ramp handrailing, barrier protection, balustrading, retail display, lighting grids and much more. KEE LITE fittings can also be powder coated in any RAL colour, if required.